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Stinger Fund

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The Stinger Fund provides critical resources to all 21 of Sacramento State’s Division I athletics teams, ensuring that our student-athletes are able to realize their individual potential in competition, in the classroom, and in the community. Annual gifts to the Stinger Fund directly support our student-athletes and demonstrate your commitment to Sacramento State Athletics. Because of your support, Sacramento State student-athletes will continue to excel and develop into the leaders of our future.

The Stinger Fund encompasses all gifts given to Sacramento State Athletics for use in augmenting annual operating budgets. Unrestricted gifts to the Stinger Fund allow flexibility in addressing high priority needs, but gifts may also be designated to specific teams and/or to specific support areas, scholarships, capital projects, and department programs and initiatives.

What is the Stinger Fund?

Evolving from the Hornet Club, the Stinger Fund is designed to enhance the overall student athlete experience in all of our sports. This support is crucial in providing resources so we can continually grow and improve our student athlete experience. The resources generated in the Stinger Fund will be used for opportunities like upgrading our facilities, enhancing our nutrition and fueling stations, providing student welfare support and other resources needed to support our student athletics.


Loyal Hornet Supporters,

When I look at all that has been accomplished by the Sacramento State Athletics Department, I am honored and humbled to call this my home. The landscape of college athletics has evolved tremendously throughout the years and even more so in recent months. We are a part of that change as we recommit ourselves to supporting our student-athletes by investing in our student-athletes.

Our priority is to help our student-athletes reach their full potential in the classroom and consistently compete on the national stage, and to prepare them to achieve their individual goals while positively impacting the Sacramento community. To that end, I am excited to introduce you to the new Stinger Fund. With your commitment and support of the Stinger Fund, our student-athletes will be successful in meeting each of the above goals, and you will have the ability to support your passion within Athletics.

Going forward, every donor who gives to any fund, team, project, or initiative of the Athletics Department will be a donor to the Stinger Fund. It is the collective impact of our many donors that will elevate all student-athletes and programs. With changes to tax codes in recent years, we realized that it wasn’t clear to our donors on how they could best support the needs of our teams and student-athletes. We wanted to take this opportunity to clarify how you can ensure the intended impact of your gift.

The Stinger Fund is an integral part of the Stinger Fund as it will be used to support the academic and athletic excellence for ALL Hornet student-athletes. Gifts to the Stinger Fund are important as they will allow us to address the Athletics Department’s greatest needs, creating a premium student-athlete experience. These funds will support student-athlete emergency needs, scholarships, facility upgrades, and provide valuable student-athlete programming to prepare them for successful futures.

If your passion is a particular sport, you can give directly to any of our 21 outstanding teams. Each donation that goes directly to an individual program will provide that team and its coach with additional resources to compete and recruit on a national level. By supporting one or more of our teams, you not only make a difference in that program, but a direct impact on the overall success of Hornet Athletics and our student-athletes. Donors will be contributing to the greater good of our department and will be recognized as donors to the Stinger Fund. Please review the enclosed Giving Guide for more information on other initiatives and giving opportunities.

We want to sincerely thank all that have supported Hornet Athletics, alumnae, fans and friends of the university. It is a very exciting time for Hornet athletics as we look to the 2020-2021 season. We are Sacramento, the state capital’s university. ONE CITY, ONE TEAM, ONE MISSION.


Mark Orr, Hornet Club Member and Athletic Director

Why are donations necessary?

Annual Contributions to the Stinger Fund are the heart and soul of Sac State Athletics. Support for our Stinger Fund gives Sac State Athletics the ability to offer enhanced Student Athlete support in academics, coaching, athletic training, nutrition, mental health and wellness and much more. These vital elements are crucial to help attract, develop and retain the best student athletes in the Big Sky. Contributions to this fund are spent at the athletic director’s discretion and based upon the greatest needs in the athletic department.

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!